CityFolk 2022 – Orientation details and festival information

Welcome to all of our new and returning CityFolk volunteers!

With the festival less than a week away, the countdown is on and we want to make sure that you’ve got the information you need about orientation, what to bring (or not bring) onsite, as well as a few reminders. Make sure to review all the details below so that you’re not missing something before you get onsite!

We are hosting our virtual volunteer orientation session via Zoom on Tuesday, September 6th at 6:30PM. We will record the training and post the link to the recording on Wednesday September 7th.

Please make note of the meeting information below:

Meeting ID: 878 7820 0090
Passcode: 013206
Find your local number:

YOUTH VOLUNTEERS – Parental Permission Form

We’re excited to welcome our (mostly new) youth volunteers back onsite this year! If you’re between the ages of 14-17, please remember to bring your Parental Permission Form to Volunteer Check-In on your first shift. Your permission form must be signed by your parent or legal guardian and it must be received before you’ll be allowed to volunteer.

SITE INFORMATION – Where to go, Volunteer Village hours of operation, festival policies and the InitLive app


As a CityFolk volunteer, your first stop for every day you’re onsite should be Volunteer Check-In in Volunteer Village.

  • Located beside the Horticulture Building at 1525 Princess Patricia Way at Lansdowne Park, Volunteer Village consists of Volunteer & Free Show Check-In, Welcome Centre, and Festival Kitchen
  • Volunteer Check-In is located inside the building, accessed from the east doors next to the community garden

★ VOLUNTEER CHECK-IN – Daily @ 3:00PM to 9:30PM

  • Sign in for your shifts and pick up your volunteer t-shirt, wristband & daily meal voucher**
  • Your wristband is your accreditation to the festival and your t-shirt identifies you as a volunteer—don’t ever share either of them with anyone else
  • You MUST bring your photo ID every time you check in. If you’re working in a beverage area, you must bring a valid proof-of-age card.
  • Youth volunteers: Bring your Parental Permission Form to your first shift or first free show check-in! To track your hours, bring your school-issued tracking sheet with you and ask your Crew Leader to sign it after EACH shift.
**Details on Wristbands, T-shirts and Meal Vouchers

1) Daily wristband: This gives you access to the festival site and must be worn at all times when you’re on shift or attending a free concert. You will be issued a new wristband each time you sign in, and will be asked to remove any previous day’s wristband.

2) Daily meal voucher: You receive a meal for each volunteer shift you work, so let Volunteer Check-In know if you’re working more than one shift that day. Vouchers can be redeemed either at Festival Kitchen OR for a specific volunteer menu item at our onsite food vendors.

3) Volunteer t-shirt: You’ll receive the size you ordered when you registered, and it must be worn while you’re on duty and removed when your shift is over.

★ FREE SHOW CHECK-IN: Daily @ 3:30PM-9:15PM

Did you know? On any day that you don’t have a shift, you can come down to CityFolk and see a free show! ALL of our new and returning volunteers have access to free shows starting on the first day of the festival.

  • You can come see a show on your days off (make sure to sign-in at Volunteer Check-In to get access to the festival site)
  • You can stay after a shift and enjoy a free show (if you signed in for your shift, you don’t need to sign in again)
  • You can see a free show before you complete your first shift

PLEASE NOTE: You must provide Photo ID anytime you check in, whether for a shift or a free show.


  • Volunteers have access to a free and secure bag & coat-check station at our very own Welcome Centre
  • Any bags entering the festival site will be inspected for security reasons, so save yourself the hassle and check your bag

NOTE: If you have a later shift, be sure to let the Welcome Centre & Bag Check volunteers know!

★ Festival Kitchen: Daily @ 2:00PM-9:30PM

Complimentary meals at Festival Kitchen are provided to volunteers for each shift worked that day, and food vouchers are issued daily at Volunteer Check-In during check-in.

While best efforts are made to address dietary concerns, not all restrictions can be accommodated.

Each meal voucher is valid for ONE (1) of the following:

  • One (1) Boxed Lunch from Olga’s Catering at Volunteer Village (choice of sandwich, cookie/snack and drink)


  • One (1) Volunteer Menu Item at any of our Food Vendors onsite


It’s worth taking a look at our festival policies for rules around what is and isn’t allowed on festival grounds. You can find that information HERE.

All open drinks and refillable water bottles will be emptied at any Gate entrance to the festival site. Please finish drinks that you open at volunteer village before you try going through the gates, and refill your water bottle on festival grounds at a water refill station to avoid any disappointment.


The InitLive app will go live on Thursday, September 8th and is an easy way to check your schedule and message your Crew Leader (FYI, they’re called your “Role Manager” within the app!)

What the app CAN be used for:

  • Checking your schedule and picking up new shifts AFTER you’re done registering
  • Messaging your Role Manager, aka your Crew Leader
  • Making it easy to receive broadcast notifications from your Leader or the Volunteer Services team

What the app CANNOT be used for:

  • Completing your registration (this needs to be done via the InitLive website)
  • Cancelling your shifts (you must email your Crew Leader or use the app to message your Role Manager)


  • Messaging within the app should only go to your Role Manager and not the Primary Manager
  • To receive push notifications without the app, you’ll need to add your number to your InitLive profile
  • Your initial registration must be completed through the InitLive website and not the app; you must use a desktop or mobile browser

The app is available for Android and iOS.