The Volunteer Team Behind Bluesfest

We are now accepting applications for new RBC Bluesfest volunteers!

We are now accepting applications for new RBC Bluesfest volunteers!

Since 2019, we’ve been working on updating our volunteer program to make certain that we’re offering the best support and onsite experience to all of our volunteers; this included re-organizing some of our teams to ensure we were using our resources as effectively as possible. In order to help with this goal, each volunteer area has been grouped under one of the eight new volunteer departments listed below: Beverage Services, Customer Care, Festival Operations, Fundraising, Production, VIP, Volunteer Support, and Youth Opportunities.

Specialized recruitment is now open for privately-recruited teams who are looking for new volunteers!

There are a few extra steps for privately-recruited teams that interested volunteers are required to go through. Upon completion of your general application via InitLive – volunteers will have to complete specialized recruitment forms. Some areas will require Police Record Checks and/or reference checks.

Teams that are currently looking for new volunteers include A-Team, Box Office, Tablet Support Team, Road Warriors, Poster Gallery, Backstage Services (Accreditation and Hospitality), Stage Crew, Photo Team, and Volunteer Check-In. Review our team descriptions below and follow the instructions to submit applications to the teams of your choice!

Welcome to the VTBB

The volunteers of RBC Bluesfest and Cityfolk in Ottawa, ON Canada are a remarkable team of hardworking, dedicated, outgoing individuals that contribute to our community each summer and fall to ensure a world class experience at our live events.
In an effort to improve the quality of the volunteer experience, and streamline our communication with our volunteers across all of our events we have established the “Volunteer Team Behind Bluesfest” (VTBB).

 This administrative umbrella will enable us to communicate more effectively with our volunteers, while still allowing people to volunteer with RBC Bluesfest, CityFolk or both. It will also make it easier for our volunteers to see and apply for opportunities across all of our events once we’re ready to host live events again.

The Ottawa Bluesfest is a non-profit, charitable organization. Our mission is to present a world-class music festival featuring international, Canadian, and local artists in downtown Ottawa each July. We are youth-friendly, community and visitor-focused, culturally-diverse and committed to sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives.

Ottawa CityFolk is a multi-day celebration of music, dance, and community featuring an eclectic mix of musical performances on various stages.

For the most up to date festival information, please refer to our festival site(s):


Don't forget to sign up for InitLive!

Are you a 2019 Early Bird who’s interested in volunteering with us in 2022? First things first, make sure to create your InitLive account today AND complete your organization registration for the Volunteer Team Behind Bluesfest! All 2019 Early Birds received information on how to claim their account in July 2021, so check your email! 

If you’re a new volunteer or a returning volunteer who was not in good standing at the end of the 2019 season, fear not! General applications will be opening as of May 18th 2022 !


Popular FAQs


This year RBC Bluesfest will take place at Lebreton Flats from July 7-17 2022!

You can check out this year’s event specific information on our festival website:


We are proud to host over 2500 volunteers at our event every summer, and are always looking for enthusiastic and qualified volunteers to join our team. We have over 30 different volunteer opportunities, both on and off the festival grounds, and we work directly with volunteer leaders to ensure our community is well-supported, trained and supervised effectively, and given ample opportunities to connect with each other in a fun, exciting, and memorable way.




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The Volunteer Team Behind Bluesfest