Volunteer Code of Conduct – Mandatory Reading

RBC Bluesfest Volunteer Code of Conduct

As a volunteer at RBC Bluesfest, you are required to follow all expectations as outlined in the Volunteer Code of Conduct below and on our volunteer website, volunteers.ottawabluesfest.ca. Together, we can all be part of an experience that is fun, safe, respectful, and fair for all volunteers.

Please consult RBC Bluesfest Volunteer Services staff prior to any action or statement which might significantly affect or obligate the festival. This might include: statements to the press or on social media, coalition or lobbying efforts with other organizations, and any agreements involving contractual or other financial obligations.

As a volunteer at RBC Bluesfest, you are a representative of the festival when you are on festival grounds, at a festival event, and/or wearing clothing identifying you as an RBC Bluesfest volunteer. RBC Bluesfest reserves the right to revoke on-site volunteer privileges without notice, or to prevent individuals from participating in future RBC Bluesfest-related events if any of the following behaviours are observed while representing the festival:


  • Checking in to the site and not reporting for a scheduled shift;
  • Unreported or excessive absences;
  • Repeated tardiness.


  • Failure to be effective at assigned tasks;
  • Inappropriate behaviour or negative attitude;
  • Unnecessary use of cell phone while on duty;
  • Smoking while on duty.


  • Inappropriate behaviours or requests directed towards artists;
  • Insubordination (the act of willfully disobeying your superior);
  • Sharing your festival access/wristband;
  • Breach of confidentiality;
  • Theft of any kind (financial, property, etc.);
  • Destruction of RBC Bluesfest property or damage to any part of the festival site;
  • Engaging in self-promotion of any kind;
  • Harassment, in any form (see “RBC Bluesfest Volunteer Harassment Policy”).


  • Possession or use of drugs and/or illegal substances;
  • Consumption of alcohol or intoxication while on shift;
  • Underage drinking;
  • Excessive intoxication while attending a free show.


  • Any other reason deemed applicable by Volunteer Services.

RBC Bluesfest reserves the right not to discuss details of a dismissal with the volunteer in question. Once a volunteer is dismissed, they must hand in their accreditation and leave the property immediately.

RBC Bluesfest and CityFolk Volunteer Services

Click HERE to download a print-at-home copy of RBC Bluesfest Volunteer Code of Conduct!