Volunteer Top 10 – Volunteer Handbook


With thousands of volunteers doing hundreds of tasks, it can be hard to figure out what exactly we expect from you. To help keep it straight, here’s our Volunteer Top 10:

  1. Know what you’re signing up for. Read through all the resources that we provide to you, come to the Volunteer Orientation for your area, read any emails that you get from us prior to and during the festival, and get in touch with your Area Leader. If you’ve done all of this and STILL have questions, follow up with your Volunteer Services Team—we’re here to help!
  1. Adhere to our policies about drugs and alcohol. Giving us your best means that you’re at your best for the entirety of your shift. All outside alcohol and illegal substances are to be kept off the premises and you must start and finish every shift sober.
  1. Respect patrons, artists and fellow volunteers. Harassment is not acceptable in any way shape or form. You should be able to enjoy the festival unimpeded, and so should everyone else.
  1. Respect the privacy of others and the confidentiality of any festival information. Being a volunteer with RBC Bluesfest could mean you know things that others don’t. Any information that you may learn regarding the festival, (e.g. programming, performer details, proprietary training information, personal information of any other volunteer, etc.) should only be discussed with your Area Leader or with Volunteer Services.
  1. Notify your Area Leader of any absences well in advance. If you can’t attend a shift, let your Area Leader know as soon as possible. If you can’t reach your Area Leader, email volunteerassistant@ottawabluesfest.ca and make sure to let the Volunteer Services Assistant know:
    • your full name;
    • your area/activity;
    • assigned shift start time;
    • location;
    • reason for cancelling.
  1. Be reliable. For the length of the festival, you should consider yourself an abacus: your team is counting on you! Show up for shifts, return from breaks in a timely manner, and make sure to pull your weight with your team.
  1. Report to your Area Leader or Supervisor at the beginning of your shift and as required throughout. After checking in at Zibi Volunteer Island, make sure to head over to your Area Leader or Supervisor before you get started.
  1. Use technology appropriately. Cell phones, digital music players, laptops and other electronic devices should be used only when necessary while you’re on duty, but feel free to use them to your heart’s content before and after your shift or while you’re on break.
  1. Be present. When you’re volunteering, you’re an ambassador of RBC Bluesfest. Don’t use your position to solicit for other causes or events.
  1. HAVE FUN! This is an awesome opportunity to meet other dazzling volunteers and create some wonderful memories—take advantage of your time here!