Volunteer Checklist – Volunteer Handbook


Whether you’re new this year or just excited to be back, getting ready for your shifts can be a little overwhelming. Have no fear, the Volunteer Checklist is here to make sure that you get started (and stay!) on the right foot.

Get mentally and physically ready for your shift
Take a nap, go for a run, have an espresso, listen to “Eye of the Tiger”. Whatever you need to do to get in the volunteer frame of mind, take some time and do it.

Check the weather & prepare accordingly
Like Scar and his hyena army sing in The Lion King, “BE PREPARED!” Although your goal is to perpetrate excellent customer service and not fratricide, it is, nonetheless, excellent advice. Items you may want to bring include:

  • YOUR VOLUNTEER T-SHIRT! (see below for more info about this)
  • sunscreen & hat
  • sweater
  • reusable water bottle
  • any medications that you may need while on shift
  • Tupperware (in case you need to take your Outdoor Blues Café meals to go)
  • appropriate footwear (e.g. runners, rain boots, steel-toed shoes)
  • a raincoat, rain poncho and/or personal umbrella
  • etc!

Head over to the festival grounds
First, make sure to leave yourself enough time! Consider traffic, weather conditions, construction work, whether you’re planning on eating your free meal at Outdoor Blues Café before your shift, as well as how long it will take you to get over to your Area Leader/Supervisor from Zibi Volunteer Island.

We’re located centrally at LeBreton Flats, along the Transitway and beside the Canadian War Museum, so there are several transportation options are available to you:

  • Walking: One of your more eco-friendly options, please check our website to see what entryways are available to you.
  • Riding a bike: Also eco-friendly, parking your bike on-site won’t be a problem. We offer free valet bicycle parking in our Bike Park for the length of the festival.
    • Bike Park hours of operation are Weekdays from 2:30 PM-11:30 PM and Weekends from 10:00 AM-11:30 PM
    • If you’re going to be volunteering past 11:30, make sure to let the bike valets know when you drop off your bike
  • Bus: The Transitway has stops within walking distance of the festival grounds. Plan your route at www.octranspo.com.
  • Car: There is no parking available on-site, so we recommend that you get dropped off or use one of the previously-listed methods of transportation.

Wear your volunteer t-shirt
You’ll be issued your very own RBC Bluesfest t-shirt when you check in for your first shift. T-shirts should be worn proudly while you’re on duty and must be removed when a shift ends. While it may be tempting to personalize your shirt, please keep them in the same pristine condition you get them in, at least until after the festival is done.

☑ Sign-in at Volunteer Check-In and drop your bag off with Island Ambassadors
Make sure you bring your photo ID over to Zibi Volunteer Island at least 15 minutes before each shift starts in order to sign in. And if you’re planning on seeing a free show on a day when you don’t have a shift, you’ll need to sign in at the Volunteer Check-In or our *NEW* Free Show satellite station first.

Volunteer Check-In hours of operation are 11:00 AM to 9:30 PM, daily.

*NEW THIS YEAR!  We are opening a Free Show satellite station at the corner of Booth Street and Vimy. This station is for volunteers coming to see a free show ONLY.  If you are checking in for a shift, we still need you to go to Zibi Volunteer Island.

The latest check-in for a free show at the satellite station is 10:00 p.m. Unfortunately late-comers can’t be accommodated, so make sure to give yourself plenty of time!

If you have a backpack or coat that you don’t want to carry around during your shift, feel free to leave it at the Bag Check with Island Ambassadors. If you’re working the last shift of the day, make sure to pick up your gear from the Ambassadors before they leave.

Island Ambassadors’ hours of operation are 11:00 AM to 11:30 PM, daily.

During the hot days of summer, water is H2Oh-so-good for you. Stay hydrated throughout your shift by filling up your water bottle at one of our water refill stations on our festival grounds.

Stay green
It’s not easy being green but it is important. Familiarize yourself with the RBC Bluesfest’s environmental policies & greening initiatives and help keep the festival clean by using compostable & recyclable options, and keeping trash to a minimum.

Participate in the culture of the festival
Check out our Ways to Connect section to see the variety of options you have for participating in the festival to the fullest.

Check the lost & found (if necessary)
Hopefully you won’t need it, but if you do, any items that are turned in to the lost-and-found will be in the Admin Office in the Canadian War Museum. Items not picked up during the festival will be brought to Festival House and will be held for 3 months.

Stay safe!
Do what you need to do to safeguard your health, avoid injury and protect yourself.