The More You Know – Volunteer Handbook


This is a smattering of other important information that all of our volunteers should be aware of in order to help patrons, artists and other volunteers:

The A-Team is a specialized group of volunteers who provide assistance and accessibility services to customers and other volunteers with disabilities. If you need additional assistance, please bring a support worker with you during your shifts.

First aid
First Aid Headquarters are located at Gate 2, across from the Canadian War Museum entrance. A second First Aid Tent is located beside the Canadian Stage. There are also roaming First Aid teams from the Gatineau Ski Patrol that circulate the grounds and who are recognizable by their navy jackets that say FIRST AID.

Lost & found
All found items should be delivered to the on-site RBC Bluesfest Admin Office located within the Canadian War Museum, which is also where lost items can be claimed.

Lost children
Lost children should be delivered to Info Booth in order to reunite them with their parents as soon as possible. Unclaimed children will be adopted by Leadbelly.

Severe weather conditions
Your Area Leader has an emergency plan for your area. Make sure you know the plan, remain calm, listen to the instructions of your Area Leader, and direct any patron questions or concerns to him/her.

Changes to the festival schedule and site access due to weather conditions will be posted on our website.

Youth – High school volunteer hours
If you’re still in high school, the hours you volunteer for RBC Bluesfest can count towards your required volunteer hours. Make sure to bring your school-issued form with you to each shift and ask your Area Leader to sign it immediately after you finish each day.

Youth – Parental permission form
If you are between the ages of 15 and 17 on the first day of the festival, you must bring your Parental Permission Form, signed by your parent or legal guardian, to Volunteer Check-In at the start of your first shift.