Benefits of Volunteering – Volunteer Handbook


Volunteering with RBC Bluesfest comes with certain advantages:

  • Free festival admission & RFID wristband
    • your RFID wristband will be issued to you when you check in at Volunteer Island; it is your access key to the festival, as well as your identification as a volunteer.
    • wristbands must never be shared with someone else and they cannot be replaced
      • NEW VOLUNTEERS: You will be given your volunteer wristband when you check in for your first shift. After you complete your first shift, you have access to all shows and concerts free of charge, including on days you are not volunteering!
      • RETURNING VOLUNTEERS: You will be given your volunteer wristband when you check in for your first shift or a free show. You have access to all shows and concerts free of charge including those that happen BEFORE your first shift!
  • Zibi Volunteer Island
    • Zibi Volunteer Island is on Albert Island
    • located beside the festival site, Volunteer Island is a space exclusively for volunteers
    • inside the space are a number of amenities available for the volunteers, including a sitting area, private washroom facilities, bag check, massage tent, and Outdoor Blues Café
  • Bag & coat check (Daily: 11:00 AM-11:30 PM)
    • located on Volunteer Island in the same building as Volunteer Check-In
    • volunteers have access to a free & secure bag and coat check station
    • any bags entering the festival site will be inspected for security reasons, so save yourself the hassle and check your bag & coat!
  • Meals at Outdoor Blues Café (Weekdays: 3:00PM-9:00 PM; Weekends: 1:00PM-9:00 PM)
    • located on Volunteer Island
    • food vouchers are issued at Volunteer Check-in when you sign in for your shift
    • complimentary meals are provided for each shift worked
    • best efforts are made to address dietary concerns; however, not all restrictions can be accommodated
    • on-shift meal breaks are granted at the discretion of your Area Leader
    • options include a grill item or the daily special, plus a drink and a serving from our extensive salad bar
    • Daily Special hours are Monday-Friday, 4:00PM-8:00PM and Saturday & Sunday, 2:00PM-7:00PM (while quantities last!)
  • Free massage sessions
    • located on Volunteer Island
    • hard-working RBC Bluesfest volunteers are spoiled by our team of massage therapists
    • you can sign up for your 15-minute session on Volunteer Island on Friday, Saturday & Sunday, either before or after your shift

And if ALL that wasn’t enough, studies have shown that people who volunteer for events they care about have an increased personal well-being and a stronger connection with the community. Additionally, altruistic volunteers tend to have higher levels of self-esteem, happiness and psychological well-being, AND reduced levels of stress—so you’re welcome!