Project SoundCheck – Bystander Intervention Training


Last year RBC Bluesfest partnered with #ProjectSoundCheck to help our staff and volunteers learn about using bystander intervention to prevent sexual violence. This can include looking out for people who might be vulnerable or in trouble, checking in with them and helping if needed. We want to keep the festival as safe as possible and fun for everyone, and we will be offering this information to all our volunteers this year too.

You can read more about this project HERE

There are training resources available:

Volunteer Manual 
This manual was developed by the Sexual Assault Network from feedback from volunteers who were trained in 2015. The manual is based on bystander intervention, and we have also expanded the conversation to include how questions of bias can have an impact on intervention.

Onsite Training:

A presentation will be part of this year’s orientation nights.  All volunteers will also receive a resource card when they sign in for their first shift.