Thank you Everyone!

Another amazing year!

It’s the last day of the festival, and we want to say a humongous THANK YOU to the entire volunteer team for your help with bringing this festival to life! From Green Team/Envirodish to Transportation, Welcome Centre and Volunteer Trailer to Beverage Areas, Fundraising Areas, Gates, Box Office, Cash and ID, VIP areas, Backstage teams, Outdoor Blues Café, Algonquin College Kitchens, Info booth, Skimmers, Merch, Inventory, Admin Office, Pageantry, Alternates, Photo Team, Posters,Mascot Team, Coin Counters and the A-Team, we appreciate the love and energy you have given this festival!

A VERY special thank you to the Area Leaders and Assistants for their tireless efforts. We hope to see you back for another great volunteer year in 2015!

We Adore you!
Volunteer Services Team