Leadership Positions

Do you enjoy working hundreds of hours and getting paid only in eternal gratitude? Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a raucous crowd in the sweltering heat and sticky humidity of an Ottawa summer and wondered just how you got there? If you’re experiencing déjà vu, you’d be perfect for our amazing and incomparable Leadership team!

RBC Bluesfest Volunteer Leadership

The mandate of the RBC Bluesfest organization is to provide an annual, world-class event showcasing both Canadian and international musicians. In order to achieve this, we annually recruit approximately 3500 general volunteers and approximately 35 Area Leader volunteers. In addition to being responsible for a vital area of the festival, Area Leaders also supervise, support and help to schedule the general volunteers.

The information below details the expectations for all Area Leader positions, regardless of assigned area. If you’d like to be considered for an Area Leader (AL) position, please review the following information carefully before contacting us.

Here’s what we expect from you:

  • Meeting Attendance. Area Leader meetings are held monthly in March, April and May and twice a month in June. Attendance is strongly encouraged as these meetings are vital to the planning of the festival.
  • These sessions are held for new and returning volunteers, no later than one week before the festival begins, and attendance is mandatory for all Area Leaders. Each AL conducts an orientation specific to the assigned area, focusing on how the area will operate; they may also conduct a site tour. Some of the specialized training required for certain positions, such as debit/credit operations, Smart Serve refreshers, and information sessions are also held at this time.
  • Volunteer Management. Managing & supporting the volunteers recruited for their area.
  • One of the largest tasks an Area Leader undertakes is scheduling, a critical process in successfully managing their area. To complete scheduling responsibilities, ALs are required to have high-speed internet, full access to email, and a phone with voicemail. Prior to the launch of volunteer registration, ALs identify what shifts are needed to manage their area and how many volunteers will be required for each shift, as well as ensure the job description for their area is up-to-date.
  • Area Management. Effectively running their area and maintaining the supplies required to operate that area, i.e. daily set-up and clean-up. Each AL is responsible for setting up and keeping the supplies in the assigned area safe.
  • Each Area Leader is asked to submit a final report at the end of the festival to summarize the operations of their area.

Additional Requirements:

  • All volunteers in Leadership positions are required to sign an annual non-disclosure form.
  • A Criminal Records Check is required for all Area Leaders. ALs whose volunteer areas are open to youth registrants are required to complete a Police Record Check that captures the vulnerable sector.
  • Succession planning at RBC Bluesfest involves both the Area Leader and the Volunteer Services team. RBC Bluesfest expects that each AL has a succession plan in place for their area when they resign their position.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • You receive free access to all festival shows
  • You receive daily access to the Outdoor Blues Café.
  • You receive daily parking tickets at the War Museum for each day of the festival
  • You receive tickets to share with family and friends.
  • You receive appreciation events like the Volunteer Appreciation Party and off-season parties
  • Smart Serve Certification
  • Autonomy in your area

Area Leaders work under the direction of Volunteer Services Staff:

Anna Wood (HR Manager, Volunteer Services)
Sarah Speed (Administration Systems Coordinator, Volunteer Services)

RBC Bluesfest recruits, interviews, and checks references for all volunteers being considered for an Area Leader position.

If you are interested in a Leadership role at RBC Bluesfest, you are invited to send a current résumé & cover letter highlighting what interests you about the opportunity, and what you have to contribute, to: volunteers@ottawabluesfest.ca. Please use the subject line, “2018 Leadership Application”.