Job Descriptions

We have many different Areas that make up the festival and you can find a brief summary and job description of our publicly-recruited positions below. The job description lays out the duties, skills, requirements and assets of each position. 


Are you passionate about raising money for a great cause? If so, join our 50/50 Raffle team, where you’ll be promoting our nightly 50/50 draw, while raising money for our Blues in the Schools charity.

50/50 Raffle Job Description

Have you always wanted to sit at the front desk of a major corporation? Do you have a knack for giving directions? If so, consider working in the Admin Office where you’ll be answering any and all manner of festival questions and helping our patrons navigate the RBC Bluesfest grounds.

Admin Office Job Description

Are you a jack-of-all trades, wearer-of-many-hats, or just enjoy trying your hand at different roles? If so, consider working with the team of Alternates where you’ll get to work all over the festival, pitching in wherever help is needed. You’ll also get to spend some quality time in Volunteer Village, working on your tan.

Alternates Job Description

Do you love being out and about in the festival, interacting with people and enjoying the weather, all while supporting a great cause? If so, Bead Tent may be the role for you! You’ll get to traverse the festival grounds while selling our limited-edition Mardi Gras beads, which support our Blues in the Schools charity.

Bead Tent Job Description

Do you have laser-quick ID-scanning eyes and a dead-on ability to count to 100? If you’re 18 years of age or older, join the team of Beverage Cashiers in the Beer Tents and ensure our festival-goers get their tasty adult beverages in a quick & orderly manner. Limited positions available for youth 15-17 years old to man the festival’s ice cream carts and pop tents to keep people refreshed!

Beverage Cashiers Job Description

Is cottage country your thing? Are you enthusiastic about outdoor games, Muskoka chairs, meeting new people and overall chillin’? If so, you could fit in nicely in the Big Chill—the coolest place at RBC Bluesfest.

Big Chill Job Description

People biking to the festival want a safe and convenient place to leave their bicycle while they enjoy the Bluesfestivities, and Bike Park is that place. For over 10 years, RBC Bluesfest and Bike Ottawa (formerly Citizens for Safe Cycling, now have partnered to provide a top-notch valet bike parking service that is fast, convenient, supervised, and FREE!

Bike Park Job Description

Are you exceptionally organized in the face of chaos? Do you like making sure that the show goes on? If so, then Box Office is just the ticket!

For the other positions with the Box Office Team please see our Specialized Recruitment page.

Box Office Job Description

Do you have exceptional customer service skills and would like to be part of our premium festival experience? If you’re 18 years of age or older, join the Casino Lac-Leamy Suites team as a host or server, and help provide a memorable experience for our VIP guests in the heart of the festival.

Casino Lac-Leamy Suites Job Description

Are you a social butterfly or an experienced server looking to be up-close to the music while providing beverage service to our distinguished guests? If you’re 18 years of age or older, join the Club VIP team where you’ll be setting up, serving, stocking, and smiling stage-side.

Club VIP Job Description

Do you think beer and festivals go together like peanut butter and jelly? If you’re 18 years of age or older, join the Coors Banquet Saloon team where you’ll be working in the heart of the festival serving and selling some fine suds from the Molson Brewery to our thirsty customers.

Coors Banquet Saloon Job Description

Do you want to partake in one of our festival’s largest operations, slingin’ suds and other cool refreshments for our patrons? If you’re 18 years of age or older and are full of energy, then join the Beer Tent team and help us keep the drinks flowing!

To be a cashier in the Beer Tents please go to the Beverage Cashiers team.

Coors Light Beer Tents Job Description

Do you have a real passion for the environment? If so, join our Envirodish team where you’ll be washing & drying your way to saving over 30,000 plates in Volunteer Village from a landfill.

Envirodish Job Description

Are you a leader? Would you like to be on the frontline of the festival experience? If so, join our Gates team and work as a gate monitor, road monitor or roving gate crew member and welcome our guests into this great festival!

For the Road Warriors position please see our Specialized Recruitment page.

Gates Job Description

Are you passionate about the environment? Does saving the planet warm your heart and fill your soul with carbon-free emissions? If so, join our energetic Green Team and assist in implementing RBC Bluesfest’s environmental policies & greening initiatives to keep the festival clean and the people breathing easy.

Green Team Job Description

Do you have an answer for everything and a need to help those who don’t? Do you want to be a festival guru? If so, join our Info Booth team and help our festival-goers with any and all of their questions, quandaries, comments, & concerns.

Info Booth job description (coming soon)

Do you have a mind like a steel trap? Are you efficient and punctual? If you’re 18 years of age or older, join our Inventory Control team and help keep the festival running in tip-top shape by managing & delivering supplies to areas in need.

Inventory Control Job Description

Do you own hundreds of band t-shirts? Do you have posters all over the walls and ceiling of your room? Do you just plain love band merch? If so, work in our Merch Tent where you can bring your passion to the fans and sell this year’s amazing crop of artist & festival merchandise.

Merch Tent Job Description

Do you have great customer service and would like to be part of our premium festival experience? If you’re 18 years of age of older, join the Métropolitain VIP Zone team and help provide a distinguished experience for our guests, all while being part of the action next to the main stage.

Metropolitain VIP Zone Job Description

Do you want to improve the lives and experiences of our massive volunteer team? Do you have a passion for food and serving? If so, join the Outdoor Blues Café team where you’ll be working in Volunteer Village helping prep the meals or serving our hungry volunteers.

Outdoor Blues Cafe Job Description

Are you a social person? Do you enjoy chatting with people, and can create fun wherever you are? Well we’ve got the position for you! Linked with our Marketing and Promotions team, you can assist in several Promotional events over the course of June and July 2019!

Promo Crew Job Description

Does your mouth water for Merlot? Do handmade spirits raise your spirits? If you’re 18 years of age or older, join The Winery team where you’ll be helping stock, serve, and sell the fine wines and portable potent potables RBC Bluesfest has to offer at various locations across the festival.

The Winery Job Description

Are you super-organized and highly helpful? If so, join the Volunteer Ambassadors & Bag Check team and help run the central hub for all things volunteer. With you providing information, answering questions, and taking bags, our volunteers are sure to succeed!

Volunteer Ambassadors & Bag Check Job Description

Some of our teams are privately-recruited. To learn more about these positions, please check out our Specialized Recruitment page.