The Volunteer Team Behind Bluesfest
(and CityFolk)


We are as excited as you to start welcoming new volunteers for this year’s festival!

Please carefully read each job description that interests you to see the job expectations and requirements.

Let the weather be the only surprise this season! ☀️💨🌦 


If you think that nothing beats the combination of crisp, cold beverages and live music, join our Beverage Services team to meet other enthusiastic volunteers who share that passion!

This department is responsible for taking, processing and delivering drink orders in a timely manner to our parched patrons. With multiple locations and countless beverage options throughout the festival site, every shift is a new experience!

Beer Tents

Are you quick on your feet and like staying on your toes? Do you work well with others and excel at two-way communication with a variety of other team members? If you answered ‘YES!’ to all of these questions, join our Beer Tents team where you’ll sign up to sling suds and other cool refreshments for our thirsty patrons.

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Beverage Cashiers

Do you have Smart Serve AND a finely-tuned set of observation skills? Can you find the line between firm and fair? Then we’ve got a place for you on the Cashiers team, where you’ll ensure our festival-goers get their ice cold beverages in an orderly manner!

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CUSTOMER CARE (15-17)(18+)

Are you a problem-solver who is amped to be on the frontlines at the festival? Are you all about making people’s experiences as smooth as possible? If so, join our Customer Care team and support festival-goers by assisting them with their questions and special requests, and providing them with the directions they need to fully enjoy the festival and all its amenities!

FEstival Admin (18+)

Always wanted to sit at the front of a major corporation desk? The Festival Admin crew is the team that assists each crew with any request or inquiries they may have during the festival!

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info booth (18+)

Do you consider yourself a festival guru, who has attended the festival and feels like they know everything about the ins and outs?

Are you someone that is able to keep cool as a cucumber and organized amidst chaos?

Are you someone who lives to make sure everyone has the same exceptional festival experience, regardless of disability or limitation?

If so, consider joining our Customer Services team and help festival-goers with any and all questions, directions, comments, and concerns.

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bike park (15-17)(18+)

You know a thing or two about bikes? Think of this team as the ultimate valet service for bikes. While these shifts are among some of the latest shifts in the Volunteer department, this energetic team loves to encourage green transportation!

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Gates (15-17)(18+)

Always wanted to be at the front-line of a giant festival? If you are a natural leader who’s calm in the face of chaos, consider the Gates team, and welcome our guests into this great festival!

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Seeing thousands of people a day means that CityFolk is among Ottawa’s biggest and most anticipated music festivals! Because the festival is such a huge operation that requires a lot of collaboration and teamwork, our Festival Operations department is an essential team in keeping the festival running smoothly.

If you’re ready to be part of the festival’s backbone and do some heavy lifting, both literally and figuratively, come join the department that all other departments depend on: Festival Operations!

Green Team (15-17)(18+)

Are you a committed team player who can work with minimal supervision? Do you have a zeal for the environment and know the value of making a difference in your community? If so, Green Team would love to see you in the field!

Our intrepid Greenies work throughout the site, keeping the festival clean and green.

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Inventory Control (18+)

Are you constantly praised for being efficient, punctual and willing to move all around the festival? If you are 18 years of age or older consider joining our team and help keep the festival running in tip-top shape by managing and delivering supplies to areas in need.

Inventory Control (I.C.) maintains and supplies all materials required by festival staff. This area is responsible for managing pre-festival inventory and purchasing, daily on-site dispatch, delivery, pick-up and post-festival inventory and storage.

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Tablet Support Team (FORMERLY it team) (18+)

Are you someone who knows their way around technology and who enjoys building and troubleshooting networks? Are you savvy with finicky tablets and ready to jump in and support our Beverage Services and Customer Care teams with some ?

If so, join our experienced team of professionals and help the team set up, maintain, and take down various I.T.-related equipment around the site and keep our digital systems up-and-running.

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VIP (18+)

Have you mastered the art of exceptional customer service? Are you always thinking about how to improve the patron experience? If so, we’re looking for someone just like you to volunteer with our festival VIP team!

Volunteers in our VIP areas get to showcase their impeccable customer service skills and make each VIP’s VIP experience completely unforgettable. Remember—we can’t spell ‘exclusive’ without ‘u’!


Do you live your life by the 3 simple rules of location, location, location? Do you know your way around premium, one-of-a-kind experiences and how to best maximize the value for each individual? Do you have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to anticipate customer needs? If so, the Suites is looking for mature, professional volunteers to provide top-notch customer service in this licensed VIP area.

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Big Chill

Are you able to make people feel instantly at ease in your presence? Is your personal motto “Good Vibes Only”? If so, consider bringing your love of lounging to Big Chill! This team is responsible for creating a fun and relaxed environment for festival-goers looking to grab some downtime between shows.

Big Chill is a lounge which functions as the patron’s home away from home while attending the festival, offering relaxing amenities and personal comforts – such as a specialty beverages bar, large deck by the river and salon services – so they can recharge between shows or host guests in classic cottage comfort.

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VIP Club

Do you have great customer service and would like to be part of our premium festival experience? If you’re 18 years of age or older, join the VIP Club team and help provide a distinguished experience for our guests, all while being part of the action. We’re looking for your know-how and the thoughtful insight you can bring to the team and our VIP ticket holders.

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If you’re a team-player, ready to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for other enthusiastic volunteers, and prepared to be the first-point of contact for hundreds of volunteers, check out our Volunteer Support department!

The goal of this department is to support the rest of our awesome volunteer teams and ensure they have all the tools and resources they need to succeed onsite, whatever their assigned tasks and responsibilities may be!

Alternates (15-17) (18+)

Do your friends call you the jack-of-all trades? If you’re someone that is adaptable and comfortable learning new skills on the go, the Alternates position is a fun and always changing position for you! This team helps fill the gaps on other teams when they need extra support. You’ll get to try a variety of experiences – a great first time volunteer role!

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WELCOME CENTRE (15-17) (18+)

Do you love welcoming people and feeling resourceful? Do you love improving already amazing memories experiences and being the refreshing small in the sometimes business of the festival? 

If so, join our Team where you’ll be working in the Volunteer Village helping us serve meals to all the hardworking volunteers. Join our Welcome Centre, one of the first crews volunteer encounter when signing in onsite, with a key role to play in our volunteer community.

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The Volunteer Team Behind Bluesfest