2022 CityFolk Early Bird Information



Welcome back, CityFolk Early Birds! Please take some time to complete the following steps before you register:

Please review all steps and details carefully:

For more details about what the crews are this year, check out our Opportunities page: https://volunteers.ottawabluesfest.ca/cityfolk-opportunities/

  • LOG INTO your InitLive account with a web browser – not the InitLive app: https://app.initlive.com/web-admin/app/#/login
    • CLICK on the green “My Opportunities” page on the dashboard to see your Upcoming Opportunities and CHOOSE your CityFolk 2022 crew
    • Once on the Opportunity page, REVIEW the crew information listed and then CLICK on the yellow “Edit” button
    • COMPLETE your Opportunity registration questions and then CLICK the green “Next Step” button at the bottom right of the screen
    • SELECT your festival shifts, then CLICK on the green “Next Step” button

Having trouble? Make sure you’re looking in the right spot for help! Check our screenshots below for some fun visual pointers!

1. After you log into your InitLive account, you will see your InitLive dashboard. Click on the green ‘My Opportunities’ button.

2. On your upcoming Opportunities page, CLICK the Team that you belong to. If you are unsure of your team, you should have received an email confirming the Department, Team and role you have been placed in.

Screenshot - Volunteer - Upcoming Opportunities (1)

3. Once you have selected the Opportunity, you will be brought to the public page which from there you will be able to click the YELLOW button to complete your opportunity level registration and select your shifts.


4. Please DO NOT use the ‘Contact Manager’ questions or requests. Instead please submit all your volunteer questions and requests to volunteers@ottawabluesfest.ca.

Please submit any Team related questions to your Crew Leader. You can find your Crew Leader’s email address in the page description section below the ‘Contact Manager’ button.


I can’t choose my shifts!

Make sure you have completed your registration questions before you try choosing your shifts. To do this, click on the yellow EDIT button and NOT on the sign up for more shifts green button.

I was put on the wrong crew—does this mean that I can’t volunteer this year?

Absolutely not! Please reach out to us as soon as possible at volunteers@ottawabluesfest.ca

Did I get switched Crews or did my Crew name change?

While many volunteers did change teams due to changes in our volunteer program, we have also updated some team names to better reflect their position and responsibilities! Please check the Opportunities page for more information.

How do I claim or login to my InitLive account?